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Explore videos, news stories and articles that provide more information and varying perspectives from international European experts on fertility, fertility decline among women as well as fertility preservation options available to women today.


How does egg freezing work?
The importance of educating women early on their fertility and fertility window
Egg freezing provides reassurance not insurance
At what age should women consider freezing their eggs?
What societal pressures contribute to a delay in family planning?
Gedeon Richter media event on fertility and fertility preservation options
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Can a toxic relationship really affect your ability to conceive?
Can a toxic relationship really affect your ability to conceive?
If you’re in a toxic relationship with a partner who’s physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive, or is hyper-controlling when it comes to money, sex, or daily life, it’s probably best to delay trying to start a family until your relationship reaches a more healthy place.
Does vaping affect fertility?
Does vaping affect fertility?
It’s common knowledge that smoking cigarettes can reduce a woman’s ability to conceive. But as the e-cigarette craze continues sweeping the globe, the trend raises questions about the impact of consuming tobacco and nicotine in other forms, such as vaping, for women trying to conceive.
Is your home environment affecting your fertility?
Is your home environment affecting your fertility?
It’s widely known that the toxins and chemicals in cigarette smoke can affect your fertility, and that if you want to become pregnant, it’s best to stop smoking.
Becoming a mother after 40 – it CAN be safe
Becoming a mother after 40 – it CAN be safe
For many couples who are trying to start a family, that 40th birthday can loom up ahead like a fertility cliff. Becoming pregnant between the ages of 20 and 35 may well be the ideal, but we all know that life doesn’t always work according to plan.
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Fertility Awareness in 2021: Educating the Younger Generations
Learn more about the event by viewing the presentations from the panel, and the key takeaways in the press release.
European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) information on fertility preservation
A guide which provides information on appropriate fertility preservation interventions and gives tools to discuss with doctors.
Fertility Europe
An umbrella organization representing patient associations in the field of (in)fertility in more than 20 European countries
Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) report on egg freezing
Egg freezing in fertility treatment: Trends and Figures report (2010-2016)
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