How to talk about your fertility journey…


…at work

Going through fertility treatment can be stressful and you may need time off work for appointments. This guide will help with navigating any conversations with work and includes insights from a clinical psychologist specialising in fertility and a woman who has been through this situation first-hand.



…with your partner

Discussing why you want to freeze your eggs with a partner can be challenging. This guide can help you explain your reasons and ask your partner for the support you might need during your fertility journey.



…with your loved ones

Telling friends and family that you want to freeze your eggs allows them to offer you support, emotionally and practically. This guide has been written in partnership with a clinical psychologist specialising in fertility. It offers practical advice on how to talk to loved ones about it and how to deal with any difficult questions they may have.



…with your doctor

The first appointment on your egg freezing journey can be a daunting prospect. This guide has been developed by a clinical psychologist and a doctor who has been through the egg freezing process herself. It should leave you feeling prepared for that first appointment, and any follow up appointments you may have.



Conversation guide for your initial consultation on egg freezing

This guide is to help you get the most out of your first consultation on egg freezing. It contains useful information on what to expect at your first visit, what to bring, and some questions that you might want to ask your doctor.


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